19-21 Surrey Street, Lowestoft
01502 517070

Our Fees

New Client fees
Full Consultation, examination, x-rays (if needed) & report of findings – £50

Outpatient Service fees
Outpatient Gaitscans – £50
Outpatient X-rays – from £75 per view

Treatment fees
Treatments – £36

Massage Therapy
Massage Initial Session ( Consultation & Treatment – 30mins ) – £50
Regular Massage 30 mins – £35
Regular Massage 60 mins – £55

Support Products
A number of products are available in the clinic.

Health Insurance

The centre can and does work with insurance companies such as HSA (Simply Health). Standard life, Aviva and many others.

Some insurance companies are known as open access meaning that anyone with such a policy can receive treatment and simply claim it back from their insurance company. Some other insurance companies insist on the policyholder receiving a referral from either their GP or a consultant or some cases both before they will pay out for treatment from practitioners such as ourselves.

If you are not sure if your insurance company are likely to pay for your treatment, please contact the centre as we hold a list of many of the insurance companies operating policies.

Please be aware that in order to keep our charges to a minimum, we have a strict policy of our clients paying us directly and then clients claiming their money back from their insurance company from receipts we issue.

If you are wanting to make a claim through an insurance company, please state this when booking your consultation so that you can be booked in with a practitioner who works with your insurance company as not all our practitioners have applied to work with all insurers.