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What is TOG Gaitscan?

Tog Gaitscan

We are proud to be able to offer the TOG Gaitscan system to all clients that are concerned with nagging foot pain. Conditions such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis can be helped with bespoke orthotic insoles that are made based on the recommendations from a Gaitscan.

TOG Gaitscan is the most technologically advanced gait analysis system available today. It comprises of a plate covered with thousands of tiny sensors that accurately measure the distribution of pressure through the sole of the foot, both standing (static) and walking (dynamic). The information from these sensors is then processed through specialised computer software to provide a 2D or 3D visual representation of the pressures under the feet and a detailed analysis report. This aids your practitioner in evaluating your foot function and determining your need for orthotic (custom insole) therapy. If orthotics are recommended for you, the wealth of information from the gaitscan and the practitioner’s evaluation of your foot biomechanics are combined to produce an individual prescription which is used by the Orthotic Group laboratories to manufacture your custom foot orthotics.

The orthotics are essentially a custom made insole, generally made of flexible, moulded thermoplastic (typically 2-3mm at their thinnest point) and fit comfortably in the shoes. There is a wide range available, from those for everyday use to specialist orthotics for sports enthusiasts or professional athletes. For further detailed information on foot orthotics and the TOG Gaitscan system please also visit the TOG site at www.theorthoticgroup.com

To book an appointment for an outpatient Gaitscan simply call 01502 517070 and be sure to ask for a GAITSCAN appointment. The scan is currently £50 and takes approximately 20 minutes. The price for Orthotics can be discussed at the time if it appears that they are indicated. Current patients may be able to get this service included as part of their care package – please ask your Practitioner for more information.

Tog Gaitscan Equipment

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