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External X-Rays

We offer this service to other practitioners within our community who do not have their own X-ray facilities.

Our service works as follows
1) You the practitioner contact us by completing this side of our form and including cheque made out to “Total Balance Wellbeing Centre Limited” for a payment of £75 per X-ray series needed. (by a series we mean a cervical series or a lumbar series for example)
2) We contact your patient directly to arrange an appointment for the X-ray to be taken asap.
3) We get our external consultant radiologist to produce a full report on the x-ray findings
4) We produce a disc containing X-ray images both in JPEG and DICOM formats along with the PDF X-ray report.
5) We contact you to arrange collection. This is usually within 7 days of the x-rays being taken.

PDF Document
Download PDF Form