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Rewards Club

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Introducing our exciting referrals rewards club.

The referrals rewards club quite simply offers free gifts to clients in return for recommending others that take up treatment with ourselves.

Each time clients refer another client to see our Chiropractors or Osteopaths and they give the referring client name as the person who sent them, we will record it. Then once the new client starts having treatment, we will credit the referrers account with 1 referral point and we will write to tell the referrer what their points balance has moved up to.

Once clients have enough points they can select a gift from our referrals rewards club gift catalogue (see download below) to the value of the points earned. Simply complete the points redemption form and drop it into the centre or post it back and we will get the item ordered and let clients know when it is available for collecting from the centre. Then clients can carry on collecting points and saving for the next gift.

Thats it, there are no catches or special conditions, just refer, collect points and redeem for a free gift.

We update the gift catalog regularly to check availability of gifts offered which are always ordered direct from the supplier when a redemption is requested. Sometimes suppliers will update or withdraw items from sale without us knowing prior to trying to purchase them. If this occurs we will always seek to obtain the latest version of the product and will consult with you before offering any alternatives in order to do our best not to disappoint.

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