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Rewards club is closing

Referral Rewards Club Logo

As I am sure you will be aware, we like to thank / reward all our clients who refer others to our centre, we are always thrilled to receive a referral from you and feel privileged to have the opportunity to enhance the health of your friends and family. It is the centre’s intention above all else to reach out and help as many people in the local community get to their optimal health. So what you have done only serves to truly help us in this regard.

For several years now we have operated our referral rewards club in which you have been earning points to redeem gifts from the centre, however as the centre grows and develops for the better, we have reviewed what our clients wants and needs are and have therefore come to the decision that it is time to retire our rewards club.

Although we are stopping operating the rewards club, referrals are still very important to us and so we have decided to reward our clients in a more beneficial way, we are instead going to offer discounts for all our services (including Massage and Chiropractic treatments)

As of now, we are no longer issuing any more reward points, however you can still redeem any you have from our CATALOGUE until the end of December 2019.

We thank you again for all the support you have given to us previously and in the future in helping change people’s lives by bringing wellbeing care to them.