Massage Therapist


I have been a runner since i was 15, never covered long distances or done big races, but i enjoy running because it gives me the freedom to think and reconnect with my body and mind, it’s like a sort of meditation for me. Since i became a mum I became very sensible toward children charities and I was happy to participate in a 10 k superhero run to raise money for Child at War. I also adopted a beautiful girl in Tanzania which I wish I could go and meet soon. Because of my running and my pregnancies i experienced a few injuries and physical pain. This in a way, has helped me a lot to understand other people discomfort and pain.

I love my job and chatting to clients even if they aren’t “mine” and as an ex-coffee shop assistant i still love preparing hot drinks for them.

I don’t have much free time but i love cooking and prepare food from scratch every day. When i have some extra time I also like baking…and eating my cakes! if I ever have extra free time, I love browsing in charity shops.