Director & Centre Business Owner


I helped create the centre with Sara back in 2007. Back then I had an all-round admin role in the centre, from running the front desk to managing the centre as a whole while Sara took care of the clients. I now have an amazing team (centre family) around me to look after the day to day running of the centre and I love being able to spend my time focusing on being the creative visionary for the centre. I enjoy finding ways to constantly improve the already amazing service we offer our clients.

Before opening the centre, I had spent around 10 years working in ICT in the education sector which while enjoyable, never allowed me to express my creative side or allow me to build a fantastic working relationship with those around me like I have at the centre.

Outside of work, I have two fantastic daughters who I love spending time with and unlike many, I actually quite enjoy the school run with them including getting the fresh air to start my day. I love being able to use my creative side at home too, including baking (often with my girls) and designing computer software and websites.