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Opening hours

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We realise in this modern world that everyone is very busy, either traveling to work, home from work or actually being at work. Or maybe your doing the school runs and running a busy family home. Some of you will have complex shift patterns to work and others go where and when they are needed at a moments notice. Whatever your needs, here at Total Balance Wellbeing Centre we offer long opening hours including Saturday mornings to try to fit around everyones busy lifestyles.

New clients are seen at the same times each day. These are long appointments and are held at the least popular appointment times of the day so that you only get inconvenienced at the start of your care and then after that you get to select appointment times for treatments which fit best with you.

Mon 9am to 7pm
Tue 9am to 7pm
Wed 9am to 7pm
Thu 9am to 7pm
Fri 9am to 7pm
Sat 9am to 1:00pm

FRI CLOSED 1-2pm for team coaching.