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Book your new client appointment today. No matter whether it is with our Chiropractic or Osteomyology team, it will include a full consultation, top to toe examination, access to onsite digital xrays if needed (chargeable) and follow up visit to present full verbal report of findings and possible treatment recommendations.

Chiropractic is a method used to diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of conditions, using an approach which focuses on getting the body to use its own natural healing abilities rather than drugs and surgery. It works on the principle that the nervous system supplies the whole body, and therefore any disruption to this system such as nerve interference will affect the health of that part of the body that the nerve supplies. The central nervous system sits within the spinal column and treatment focuses specifically on keeping this functioning optimally. A fully functioning spine and nervous system is vital to our health.

Our Osteomyology team work very similarly to and treat the same conditions as Chiropractors, but specialise in Activator Protocol. This is one of the only instrument adjusting techniques with clinical trials to support its efficacy. This treatment method uses the Activator adjusting tool, providing a quick, low force impulse which is enough to move the vertebrae to correct its position, but not enough to cause injury. This is an alternative to traditional manipulation by hand, such as Chiropractic. It is very popular at the moment due to the Covid19 situation as it requires far less person to person contact.