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Virtual Consultation & Adjustment Sessions

You might be at home self-isolating or on lockdown but we know that it does not mean your pain and suffering gets put on hold too. We fully understand that pain is life changing itself and although we are not able to treat you face to face in the centre, it does not mean we can’t still help. We have just launched our Virtual Consultations & Adjustments with Sara,  in which we call you via video on your mobile (or telephone if this is not possible). We consult with you just like we would in the centre. We offer you exercises and advice and then introduce you to a technique usually reserved for people who can’t get out of the home, because it’s very very effective and is a different way of adjusting your spine. It’s a different way of bringing the muscles and joints in your spine relief, so the pain is kept at bay and maintains healthy function.  This technique has been used many many times before to treat people at home, just like you.

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New Clients – £40.00

This Virtual appointment lasting around 30 minutes is for people we have either never seen before or who have not been to the centre for the last 6 months. It will enable us to conduct a full consultation and get a true picture of what is going on. During this session we will offer techniques you can implement yourself at home and send you appropriate exercises to help relieve your suffering.

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Existing Clients – £32.00

This Virtual appointment lasting up to about 20 minutes is for people who visit the centre already and have already been enjoying the benefits of treatment with us. During this session we will have a catch up with you and discuss your current concerns. We will then offer exercises and guidance along with our amazing distance treatment technique.

How the session works

Whatsapp Logo Having tested a number of different solutions, we have found that the most accessible to all and reliable way of having video calls is using the WhatsApp application which is free for mobile phones. If you are NOT able to to do this, then we can make a regular telephone call to you instead. However, the session is much more effective via video link. If you know you are unable to do a video call, please let us know in the comments when booking.

Ahead of your session, please install WhatsApp on your mobile phone and ensure that you are connected to Wifi or have unlimited data on your phones plan.

As near as possible to the time of your appointment, we will call your mobile using a video call or normal call if video is not available. Please be aware that the call will NOT come from our centre number and may come through as a withheld or unknown number.