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Chiropractic Treatment

All chiropractors are fully trained and registered with the General Chiropractic Council who ensure a high standard of education is adhered to both on becoming a chiropractor but also through continued professional development each year, and set out codes of practice which each chiropractor has to comply with to stay registered and working.

Chiropractic is a method used to diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of conditions, using an approach which focuses on getting the body to use its own natural healing abilities rather than drugs and surgery. It works on the principle that the nervous system supplies the whole body, and therefore any disruption to this system such as nerve interference will affect the health of that part of the body that the nerve supplies. The central nervous system sits within the spinal column and treatment focuses specifically on keeping this functioning optimally. A fully functioning spine and nervous system is vital to our health.

Chiropractors are trained to find any restrictions within the spinal column and joints of the body generally and remove them by using specific chiropractic adjustments to the spine and joints. This maybe through a range of methods including:

– Diversified where spinal joints which have lost their motion or position have a high velocity, low amplitude manual thrust applied to ‘free them up’

– Thompson where a system of checks are done and a special table is used to reduce the pressure/energy needed to adjust the spine

– SOT (sacro-occipital technique) – where the top (occiput) and bottom (sacrum) of the spine are ‘normalised’ using blocks among other techniques.

Although a lot of the focus of treatment is on getting the spine and the skeleton as a whole working as effectively as possible, when assessing chiropractors will always look at the body as a whole checking each individual part and how it is working in relation to the rest, assessing not just physical, but emotional and social wellbeing along the way. Chiropractic is more than just getting individuals out of pain but about getting the whole system to maximum mobility and strength for that person so they can accomplish what they want to on a daily basis and avoid issues in the future. This is accomplished through wellbeing care. Chiropractors have a vitalistic approach to care.

Our team of chiropractors are able to help with lots of issues such as back, neck and shoulder pain to name just a few. For more information look at the conditions pages of our site. All individuals seen at the centre start by having a full case history taken and being examined from top to toe before offering any care to ensure that any treatment offered is tailored to the individual and that treatment is right for them.


The British Chiropractic Association also have a brief video explaining Chiropractic.