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Often when people first hear about Chiropractic or Osteomyology, they are a little unsure of what its all about. How when they have seen all kinds of other specialists in the past could this one thing be able to make a difference. We have heard the story so many times before of people receiving many different treatments, all of which made little or no difference to their problem. They come in saying “you can’t help me” but my friend made me come. While its true that Chiropractic or Osteomyology treatment is not the miracle cure all treatment, it often can help because it is all about getting the body in a good condition so that it actually can repair and heal itself as it was designed to do.

If you are still not sure about whether Chiropractic or Osteomyology is for you or not, why not take up one of our new client offers and find out. What have you got to loose and it might just be the answer you need.

1) Free Spinal Screening

This offer is for a 10 minute consultation only with a fully qualified doctor of Chiropractic or Osteomyologist, to discuss whether the problem being experienced is likely to be something that can be helped via Chiropractic or Osteomyology care. This visit does not include a full examination or any treatment. To take advantage, just call the centre on 01502 517070 and ask to be booked in for a “Spinal Screening Appointment”


2) Save £10 by booking your first visit online

If you are happy to book your appointment online then you can save £10 off our full price by using our special booking offer. Just follow the link below, book and pay online to automatically receive £10 off the full price of a new patient appointment which includes your consultation, examination, access to on site x-rays if required (chargeable) and a full verbal report of findings.

(No treatment is included and the offer can not be used with any other promotions.)